If the Devil Had a Wife - Frank Mills / Becky Nugent

Every family has a story. And every town seems to hold a secret close to its heart, one that is quietly understood but seldom mentioned except in whispers or behind closed doors. If the Devil Had a Wife is the story of the Stark family in Orange, Texas. Over the years, the truth has been buried in lies or simply replaced by falsehoods repeated often enough to be treated as fact. What you will read is fact, not fiction, and includes opinions expressed by family members, friends and total strangers who shared information, firsthand observations and memories that reveal a most amazing plot -- even in Texas. Once upon a time. Happily ever after. Such are the classic promises of fairy tales. Yet in If the Devil Had a Wife, you will find a twist to the familiar storyline. There is still the battle of Good vs. Evil, a beautiful maiden, a wealthy suitor, a kingdom of riches and the wicked witch, but any similarity with Cinderella or Snow White ends there.